PEAK Atlas DCA - Semiconductor Component Analyser Model DCA55

Atlas DCA - Semiconductor Analyser


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Atlas DCA - Semiconductor Analyser

Intelligent and flexible semiconductor analyser. Supports transistors MOSFETs, JFETs (gate pin only can be identified), diodes, LEDs and lots more. Automatically identifies type of component, pinout and other important parameters. Features transistor leakage measurement and Germanium/Silicon identification. Now has enhanced measurement resolution of 1mV.

 Connect your component any way round.
Automatic part type identification (not the part number).
Automatic full pinout identification (only gate of JFETs is identified).
Important parameter measurements including:
Current gain measurement (hFE) of BJTs.
Base-Emitter voltage drops (Vbe) of BJTs.
Leakage current of BJTs.
Gate threshold (Vgs) of Enhancement mode MOSFETs.
Voltage drops (Vf) of PN junctions, diodes, LEDs etc.
Distinguishes between germanium and silicon BJTs.
Long battery life (alkaline battery included).
Includes high quality gold plated hook probes.
Includes detailed illustrated user guide.

Components Supported:
    NPN/PNP Transistors (BJTs) and Darlingtons.
    Digital transistors.
    Enhancement mode MOSFETs.
    Depletion mode MOSFETs (Vgs not measured).
    JFETs (only gate identified).
    Sensitive triacs and thyristors (<5mA trig and hold).
    Diode networks.
    Bi-Colour LEDs (2 and 3 lead types).
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